The Inner-Seal Collectors Club

Pris and Charlie

Prissy and Charlie Brown

In honor of the Inner-Seal Club Convention coming up in October I wanted to write a post about the club behind the convention – and the people behind the club. Now in their 20th year the Inner-Seal Collectors Club celebrates the history and products of the Nabisco Company (originally the National Biscuit Company or NBC).

To explain how the club began we have to go back to 1973 when Prissy and Charlie Brown were married. Prissy had a love of antiques and Charlie worked as a salesman for Nabisco. Their first collector’s item was an Anola tin, a small metal tin which held sugar wafers produced by NBC. After that they were, so to speak, off to the races.

Anola Tin

The one that started it all. The first item that Prissy and Charlie purchased together.

They collected toys and other items until one day a gentleman asked them the fateful question, “Do you collect National Biscuit Company?” The man’s name was Doran B. Goode and it took two years of “buttering him up” (plying him with lots of Nabisco cookies, crackers and snacks) until he finally sold the Brown’s his entire Nabisco collection.

In 1974 the Browns officially started the Inner-Seal Collectors Club and began publishing the Colophon newsletter for Nabisco collectors. Extraordinarily, the same year they gained permission to use the “SEALS OF NABISCO” and any of the Nabisco Trademarks and remain the only club with that distinction. Over the years membership grew and Prissy and Charlie continued collecting until they owned the largest collection of National Biscuit Company memorabilia, remarkably more than Nabisco and Kraft (which has owned the Nabisco Brand since 2000). And particularly for the readers of this blog they also own more Zu Zu Ginger Snaps memorabilia than anyone else in the world. Charlie is undoubtedly the world’s expert on ZZGS, bar none. He has been an unflagging supporter of time and effort to this blog or for that we thank him.

Among their collection, which you can see if you attend the Inner-Seal Club Convention in Louisville in October, are some very rare items indeed. You will find one-of-a-kind items such as ZZGS dolls, an original glass plate photograph from the photo session of the Uneeda Kid (post to come on the Kid), and The Only Original Zu Zu Ginger Snaps Box in Existence. And, of course, they own an extensive collection of other Nabisco brand items.

Here’s hoping them success in their next 20 years.

Update: Please see Mr. Brown’s additional information in the comments below.

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One Response to The Inner-Seal Collectors Club

  1. Charlie Brown says:

    Hi Rick, we are humbled by all your hard work and effort helping make collecting NBC so much fun. All the above happened over almost 40 years of collecting. A lot of our things belonged to the former Vice President of Nabisco Mr. W.W. Wayne Guest. He not only gave us a lot of our collection, but tutored me to become so much more knowledgeable about the National Biscuit Company. Wayne was without a doubt our Mentor & his knowledge of the company he worked for and loved was unending. He had at one time the absolute largest & most complete collection of NBC in the country. He has passed away, but we still feel his presence in our collection. We are thrilled you & ZuZu will be joing us in October here in Louisville. WE hope when you leave, you will have a better understanding of how important National Biscuit Company was in the1st General Stores. Again, Thank You for your effort, you are a special person, God Bless, Charlie & Prissy Brown.

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